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Please contact Justin for any questions regarding ALL THINGS MUSIC. Solos, duets, trios, bands, sound and lights. Justin continues to be a trusted and well connected music man after 25 years in Jackson Hole.      LET'S JAM!

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First and formost I would like to thank my brother Derek Smith who played drums on all of the tracks except 9 - 11. He also added percussion, vocals, keys, and steel drums to the mix and was my goto confident throughtout the project.  


Check out his steel drum magic on "Pick Pocket" and "Roy's".  His Conga work on "Inspiration" is also notable.  Visit his webpage below to enjoy more of this master musician!

Mike is a Grammy award winning guitarist who came into the studio and added a tasty resophonic guitar track to title track, "Sprinklers in the Rain".  This man is a national treasure so be sure to check out his webpage below. 

Ross took face melting leads for "Two Simple Needs" and "Inspritarion".  He is an increadblie national talent who plays with the Jeff Austin Band and the Matt Flinner Trio.  Definately one of my favorite guitar heros.  See his website below and enjoy his creative talent.

I've had the fortune of playing with these sisters now for 10 years.  They are some of the finest entertainers in the region and they graciously laid backing vocal tracks for "Sprinkler's in the Rain" and " Chicken Fry".  Please goto their website below and say "hi" from Justin;-)

Matt Herron

Matt is a bandmate of mine in the One Ton Pig and is a crazy good fiddle player.  Check out his work on " Dead Man's Bells" and "Pick Pocket".

John Kidwell

Believe it or not, John is a black belt and has taught both of my kids Takawendo.  For the album he laid a soulfull trombone lick over "Yesterday's News".  

Andy Mahoney

I saw Andy at an open mic and invited him to come jam on the album.  He came into the studio and flashed his drum part for both "Happy Day" and "Yesterday's News". Thanks for the spontainity!

Michael Batdorf

Michael and I founded the One Ton Pig together10 years ago, he is a prolific songwriter, and good friend.  Check out his backing vocals on "Dead Man's Bellls".  More importanly delve into his songs by visiting his website below.

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Rob Sidle

Rob Sidle not only played bass on many of the tracks (minus tracks 4, 5, 6, 11, 12) but did a large majority of the recording & mixing of this album. He was instrumental in finding good harmonies, making the songs groove and even suggested some new lyrics for "Yesterday's News".  

Tony Furtado

If you don't know Tony Furtado you need to discover this superstar today!  An amayzing talent! Tony visited Ben Winship's Henhouse Studio and using his famous 1945? martin, laid down a sweet slide track on "Key of Sue".  Do yourself a favor and visit his webpage now.  Click on the link below.

Marcus Congleton

Thanks to cusin Marcus for laying a cool rockabilly lead on "Chicken Fry".  The guy is an uber talented sownwriter in LA and plays with is band "Drug Cabin".  See the link below.

Tim Farris

Long time partner and mandolin extrodinalre came into the studio and crushed it on "Sprinkler's in the Rain" and "Dead Man's Bells".  He is a fine song writer in his own right and is endorsed by Weber Mandolins.

Jon Degroot

Jon is a rediculous talent on guitar, mandolin and vocals.  He played both of his instruments on "Happy Day". which turned out to be one of my favorite songs on the album.  Check out his bluegrass band PTO sometime.  Sooo good!

Marshall Davis

Marshall played with my brother Derek in Santa Cruz before moving to Jackson where I got to play with him in Mandatory Air.  Listen to his bass on "Chicken Fry".

Kyle Johnson

I played music with Kyle in Sister Smith and Grass way back when.  He is currently a piano teacher here in Jackson Hole and a gifted performer.  He played on "Smile Think Ride."

Aaron Germain

Aaron is a monster bass player from the San Francisco Bay Area.  He jams with my brother Derek alot.  Check out his playing on "Inspiration", Smile Think Ride" and "Pick Pocket".

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"I love the theme and melody of "Dead Man's Bells".  Ever since seeing "Arsenic and Old Lace" when I was a kid I've been intrigued about poisoning and getting away with it."

                                                                                         -Cathy Robbins (Fan)

“While Smith is literally a “wordsmith,” he’s not singing about song craft or organizing thoughts for penning a poem, but rather an observation of modern culture.” 

                                                                                         -Arron Davis (Planet Jackson Hole).

“It’s mostly him and his guitar, with his songwriting taking center stage.  The songs are about the West, about love, and most follow the simple structure that befits country and bluegrass songs."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Isa Jones (JH News & Guide)



"I love the CD.  I think I played it 3 times in a row.  I am a true Justin-head!"

                                                                                         -Michelle McCormick (Fan)



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