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JUSTIN SMITH has served as a booking agent for weddings, events, clubs and festivals in Jackson Hole for 25+ years.  He is friendly, professional and very easy to work with.  He can bring a solo, duet or trio to your event.  His funky folk rock group, Smith Town, consists of an all-star line up of Jackson's finest musicians and is great for weddings, parties, clubs and the big stage.  Justin is also the founding member of Jackson Hole's popular progressive bluegrass band One Ton Pig.  

To book One Ton Pig go to

"Justin is absolutely great to work with! He simultaneously manages to buildup a  fun, party atmosphere while helping me make sure that the event's schedule stays on track. Justin is incredibly organized and professional, and I hope to work with him again soon!"

                                                                          -Adrienne Lannone (Spring Creek Resort)


"Justin is always on the short list - he’s extremely talented, easy to work with, and plays with a wide variety of local musicians, making him an invaluable resource. I’ve been working with Justin for years, and jump at the opportunity to recommend him"

                                                                          -Virginia Symons (Vibrant Events Jackson Hole)

"Justin Smith - you are the man!  I can not say what an impression you have had on not only the making and development of the "Miller Sisters" but also a personal impact of how to just be a good human."

                                                                            -On behalf of "The Miller Sisters" Karee

"Thank you so so much for coming down to CO and making my daughter's wedding the most unforgettable day in her life.  We loved every minute of you performance! The dancing was the best ever.  You all were the best. Great music, great energy. I hope all your gigs are have as much fun as we did. Glad you're home safe and sound.  Hope we can catch you playing again soon."

                                                                            -Judy Perry (Carbondale, CO)

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